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Mi Familia Home Health is a dedicated provider of impeccable home health care services to over 34 counties in the South Texas. Our passion for excellence in the field is driven by the increasing demand for non-institutionalized care.

Hospitalization can be very expensive and can even recur if discharge care instructions are not followed properly. Allow our team of Skilled Nurses, PTs and OTs to lead your way towards complete health and recovery. We also have Medical Social Workers and Home Health Aides to facilitate economic, financial, emotional, and household management needs.

Our team understands how important it is to provide compassionate care for ill and elder loved ones, while allowing family members to care for themselves and the rest of the household. Partner with us now and we can assist with a healthy journey back to independence.

What Services Does Mi Familia Home Health Provide

We know that no one care plan is right for everyone. Services can range from daily meal preparation and hygiene to cleaning and supervision. We will spend time getting to know you so that we can create an individual care plan that meets your needs.

These Are Our Services

To build trust with caregivers, companionship is crucial. We are here to assist you with your daily tasks and to build a trusting relationship with you. Our one-on-one care is unrivalled in any other setting.

How To Choose A Home Health Provider
In San Antonio & Corpus Christi Areas

Once you’ve decided that home health care is the right choice, it’s important to choose the right home health care provider in Corpus Christi, Texas and San Antonio, Texas. At Mi Familia Home Health, our mission is to provide the very highest level of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support to patients and their families.

Eligibility For Home Health Care
In San Antonio & Corpus Christi Areas

Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance will cover home health care with little or no out-of-pocket costs. The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for home health care in San Antonio, Texas, and/or Corpus Christi, Texas:

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